With revolutionary tools such as the Internet, WiFi, Mobile Wireless Networks, P2P Networks, Smart Phones, and Applications a parent, sibling, or caregiver can receive important and critical information about a patient and/or loved ones medical and “Comfort” status from any point to any point on the globe.  There is a considerable pent-up demand for a singular, autonomous, monitoring and reporting resource that allows loved ones and caregivers to understand what are the basic health and comfort needs of that speech challenged person. 

Problem (or opportunity):
​IN ADDITION to Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and Military with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), we are excited about this technology helping Persons with brain and/or late stages of cancer who cannot speak, Children with non-verbal and limited speech Autism, Individuals who have had a stroke and cannot speak or have jumbled speech and persons with serious to severe Alzheimer’s have basic communications difficulties or cannot communicate at all. Parents, siblings, and caretakers have enormous challenges in attempting to understand the basic health and comfort needs (quality of life) of these individuals, e.g. thirsty, hot, cold, etc.

Medical advances are striding into the future. 

What was Science Fiction is NOW Science Fact.


With the ability to merge the two powerful technologies of telematics and telecommunications our “Smart Sensor” Biological-Marker System allows individuals who are unable to speak, or have limited verbal abilities, to communicate basic Quality of Life information to their loved ones and/or caregivers. Using the largest organ in the human body (skin-~22 square feet), acting as a Quantum Energy Field (QEF), which is connected to the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems within our body provides a link to a whole host of basic and critical information.   This QEF link allows our Smart Sensor Biological-marker system to autonomously monitor and report defined Quality of Life attributes, wirelessly, to loved ones and caregivers via WiFi, the Internet, Mobile Networks, Smart Phones, and P2P NetworksType your paragraph here.

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