A Message from our Chairman


As the Chairman of the Board, I am honored to serve Ultimate Sacrifice   Association (USA) along with our outstanding members, superior leadership team, and dedicated staff.  More importantly I am humbled when serving our Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and US Military families and/or members in need.

Despite the tragic situations we encounter we have demonstrated our ability to face challenges and remain focused on what we do best – supporting those spouses, children, and members of the Firefighting, Law Enforcement, and US Military who have lost their lives or have permanent, debilitating injuries as a result of their service.   

It should be noted that when one of our Heroes is injured it is a Workman’s Comp Claim in most instances meaning the family's income is cut and someone may have to quit a job and care for the injured loved one - sometimes, tragically, for a lifetime and as a result of their service to us.

Please consider a donation that will allow us to continue and expand these often overlooked areas of support for which USA delivers.  No amount is too small.  I am confident that our integrity, creativity, skills, families, partners, and your support will carry us even further in fulfilling our mission.

I trust you will find our website useful and informative. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ted J. Jackson
Chairman and CEO
Ultimate Sacrifice Association

Upcoming Events

April 2019

Ultimate Sacrifice Fitness 5K Challenge in Dallas, Texas.  (Details to follow)

501 (C) 3 Non-Profit 

Last Year as  a “result of service” to their country and communities:

More than 60,000 firefighters and 15,000 law enforcement officers were injured in the line of duty.  There were over 220 firefighter and law enforcement officer deaths in 2016 and over 1,400 veteran deaths from non-combat operations.

Even worse in 2017 there were more than 8,200 suicides reported among Fire, Law Enforcement and military.